Access to the NVR register

The Norwegian Railway Authority maintains a register of vehicles with permits for commissioning on the national rail network.

Information about the NVR and the requirements related to the information recorded in the register can be found in Commission Decision 2007/756/EC adopting a common specification of the national vehicle register provided for under Articles 14(4) and (5) of Directives 96/48/EC and 2001/16/EC.

For each vehicle registered in the NVR there are a few parameters of information that constitute the minimum requirements of registration content:

a) European Vehicle Number (EVN)
b) EC reference
c) ERATV reference
d) Identification of the owner and keeper of the vehicle
e) Restrictions
f) Entity in charge of maintenance (ECM)

Registering a vehicle in the NVR does not absolve the businesses of keeping their own vehicle register, as stipulated in Vehicle Regulation § 6.

Access to the register

The entities that shall have access to the register is indicated under point 3.3 in the annex to Commission decision 2011/107/EU.
Entities who are granted access include but are not limited to:

  • Keepers
  • Owners
  • Train Operators
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Checking and auditing bodies
  • ERA
  • Other NSAs.

The Norwegian Railway Authority grants reading rights to the entities listed in the table under point 3.3 in the annex to Commission decision 2011/107/EU. Information regarding usernames and passwords are provided to a liaison in the applying entities.

Applications for access to the National Vehicle Register (NVR) can be submitted by using a digital form or by submitting an e-mail with the following information:

  • Name
  • Business
  • Role.

The business must be registered with a role in the register in order for the Norwegian Railway Authority to grant access (this does not apply to checking and auditing bodies, ERA or other NSAs).

Accessing the register is done either by logging in to the NVR or the European Centralised Virtual Vehicle Register (ECVVR). ECVVR provides access to information stored in the NVRs of all EEA countries and of some OTIF countries.

Application forms for registrations, modifications, and withdrawals

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