International collaboration

Published: 03.05.2011   Changed: 12.10.2016

Generally speaking, there has been a trend towards greater internationalisation and standardisation of railway operations throughout Europe. The Authority therefore aims to participate actively in the relevant international forums to contribute to the exchange of experiences about traffic safety, to obtain information concerning developments in other countries and to promote regulatory standardisation, in particular with the EU.

Norway has traditionally collaborated closely with Sweden and Denmark on cross-border traffic. This work both between the infrastructure managers, the rail companies and the supervisory authorities, is ongoing.

Observer and representative

The Norwegian Railway Authority participates as an observer on relevant EU committees and other EEA forums on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication. The Authority also serves as Norway's representative on the administrative board of the European Railway Agency (ERA) and participates in various working groups established by the Agency.

In addition, the Authority collaborates with other railway authorities at the Nordic level and within the EEA area. The Authority is also involved in the work of the International Liaison Group of Government Railway Inspectorates (ILGGRI), which is an informal platform for contact between the independent European railway inspectorates and their representatives.

The Authority places a high priority on its participation in international standardisation efforts because many European standards are made mandatory in Norway through our connection with the EU.