Published: 12.10.2016   Changed: 12.10.2016

Director General

The Director General leads the work of the Norwegian Railway Authority and ensures that this is carried out in accordance with the instructions from the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Authority's plans.

Safety Management and Supervision

  • Safety certificates
  • Safety authorisation
  • Safety reporting
  • Audits and inspections
  • Coordination of international work
  • Coordination of work related to accident reporting.

Technology and Operations

  • Issuing authorisations to operate rolling stock and vehicles
  • Appointing Notified Bodies
  • Maintaining the tasks in accordance with the Train Drivers Regulation and Health Requirement Regulation
  • Participating in working groups organised by the EU
  • Contributing to the development of new national regulations
  • Contributing as an expert in connection with supervision activities
  • Technical expertize during processing of applications for Safety Certificates and Safety Authorisations
  • Contribute with guidance and external communications
  • Monitor market of interoperability constituents.

Cableways and Amusement Devices

Provide regulations and guidelines
Ensure that the requirements are updated according to technological developments nationally and internationally
Lead risk based audits and inspections and issue orders improving the identified deviations from requirements
Safety approval for installations in the park and amusement park
Issuing authorisations to operate cableways
Operations certificates for cableway operations managers
Follow up accidents and incidents
Order the suspension of operations and revoke operating licenses.


  • Legal quality assurance and advice
  • Overall responsibility for regulatory work
  • Contributing to the remaining departments activities related to procurement, contracts, etc.
  • Monitor competition in the railway market (placed in an independent unit).


  • HR functions
  • Secretarial functions
  • Archive and library functions
  • HMS functions
  • IT functions, including statistical databases
  • Control system
  • Leadership support
  • Performance management.