How to find us

Published: 12.10.2016   Changed: 12.10.2016

How to find us in Trondheim.


Oslo sentrum med Paleet.

Karl Johans gate, with The National Theatre on the left and the Paleet shopping mall (marked «X»).

Fasade og inngang Paleet.

The Paleet main entrance, facing Karl Johans gate. Notice the address 41B on the wall

Kart over Paleet.

After entering the Paleet main entrance, keep to the left toward the elevator and 41B.

Inngang til nr. 41B i Paleet.

The 41B entrance and the elevator leading up to our office. Contact the reception on the 7th floor (8. etasje).


Kart over Trondheim med Granåsvegen.

The red arrow marks the entrance to Granåsvegen 15B, marked by the X.

Trondheim med bygget i Granåsvegen 15B.

X marks the building at Granåsvegen 15B.

Bygget i Granåsvegen 15B.

The entrance at Granåsvegen 15B. Parking spots on the right.